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We came out like tigers

Dog knights / gnarwolves

We got a sign for the studio! Thanks to Justin at Plus Print in Long Rock.

Maths stage 2. Took me around 6 hours to finish them all but they came out looking awesome! So pleased with them

Fist in the air records / departures

Today I worked with my friends Dan and Lukas at Pressure and Ink. It was the hottest day in the world but such a good experience!

Spent the day / night printing the new House of House range!

Putting the sun to good use drying screens on the roof!

Team VinoSangre. Me and Porter are going to be tearing it up this Summer!

Busy day today doing the new Dog Knights shirts which were super detailed and came out lovely. Also finished up the Carrion Spring lp covers for Fist In The Air. Red/white/pink mix always looks nice!