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The new Leon records have arrived! 8 tracks of wonderful indie/screamo from Norway with ex members of some of my favourite bands. So stoked to be part of this release. Available from Boslevan Records now! #leon #norway #boslevanrecords #kaospilot #vinyl #screamo #indie #punk

Made a new flyer for Boslevan Records today. Lots of exciting things happening this year! 

I made a poster for a show I’m helping put on in February next year. Silent Front are one of my favorite UK bands and have been for many many years. Nice to have them in down in Cornwall! 
Facebook event is -



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Questionable Youth - Live Bar, Truro. 26th August. Filmed by Max K.

The full Questionable Youth lineup.

I’ve started a new label called Boslevan Records. Here are the links and stuff. Loads of stuff happening over the next month or so! 
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New Bonehouse ep is awesome. Check it out!

Blood spray

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We were talking about this the other day. Greg smashed a light out with his hand when he was playing in Crocus at one of the crustiest shows we’ve ever been to. 

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