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Warm sea at last! #penzance #cornwall #sea

Bike riding in the sun #penzance #crowsanwra

More blue #penzance #vinosangre

So much blue #stmichaelsmount #penzance #vinosangre

I made a poster for a show I’m helping put on in February next year. Silent Front are one of my favorite UK bands and have been for many many years. Nice to have them in down in Cornwall! 
Facebook event is -

We’ve had loads of fires on the beach this summer, so nice!

Penzance, 5am

Poster I quickly made for Jak/Dirty Sunday. Glow in the dark screen prints being done this week!

Team VinoSangre. Me and Porter are going to be tearing it up this Summer!

This is opposite my house. I walk on this beach every day. It holds strange memories for me from the last 10 years. But it’s beautiful and I love it.