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Hello!  A group of us have been meeting up over the last few months to discuss the possibility of creating a permanent, safe space in London that helps defend and cultivate DIY culture.

We’re hoping to follow the example of other autonomous spaces in the UK by going down the members club route - as that seems pragmatically the least prohibitive way of setting this up in terms of licensing etc.  But of course, to do this, requires a building…and to get a building costs money.

We’ve done a couple of benefits so far (Big Takeover, Bird Calls last show…) to gauge interest and get the idea out - but now we really want to take firm steps into making this dream a reality.  

As well as money, we need people!  We want this space to essentially be run by the people that use and help with the space.  If you think it’s a cool idea and you’d like to be involved, fundraising wise or otherwise, “like” the link at the top of the post to keep in touch and contribute!  Benefit shows, fundraising ideas, distributing our flyers and general commitment to the project is very very welcomed!

If you’d like to know more about the project, there’s a FAQ on here:

Cheers!  And feel free to share and blog about. x

this is rad, get behind it

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