Plough Lines, Me and Goliath and Sleepers added to Midwest West Midlands II!

Tickets are still only £8 right now, get ‘em from here: http://wolftowndiy.limitedrun.com/products/526474-midwest-west-midlands-ii

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Can’t wait for the new Baton Rouge record. Just in time for summer :)

Anonymous asked: when will be ready your new T shirt/crewneck ?

this week! :) thanks x

Waiting for the London Philharmonic Orchestra with @njaaa5

Got a shitload of rad stickers from the lovely dudes at merch asylum. Email me your address if you want some! #vinosangre #merchasylum #stickers

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A very wet and foggy Cape Cornwall #cornwall



Midwest West Midlands returns! UK emo’s favourite tongue-twister/all-dayer returns to the Wagon and Horses in Birmingham with 21 bands over 2 stages.

The holy triumvirate of the West Midlands DIY scene (Birmingjams, Wolf Town DIY and NANA DIY) have left their sizable egos at the door and teamed up to bring you a mixed bill of bands from all over the country, all in benefit of Food Not Bombs. Good food and cakes will be served and fun will be had.

Early bird tickets are available for £8 online at the link below, so pick one up and keep an eye out for more announcements for both stages over the coming weeks!

When: Saturday June 7th.

Location: The Wagon & Horses, Digbeth (5 minute walk from Birmingham city centre!)

Time: 2pm til 10pm

Earlybird tickets: wolftowndiy.limitedrun.com (£8 earlybird offer expires at the end of April! £10 thereafter.)




- CROWS AN WRA (http://crows-an-wra.bandcamp.com/)

Cosmic screamo from the far reaches of Kernow.

- HEALING POWERS (http://healingpowers.bandcamp.com/)

Considered and thoughtful screamo from York & Leeds.

- WADE (http://wadediy.bandcamp.com/)

Straight up bangin’ punkmo from the Northeast.

- DOE (http://regiciderecords.bandcamp.com/album/doe)

Jangly garage jams out of London.

- BAYONÉ (http://bayone.bandcamp.com/)

Raucous two-piece from Sheffield playing fast, loud singalong punk.

- PLAIDS (http://plaids.bandcamp.com/)

Swirling, frenzied DC inspired emo hardcore crossover from Nottingham.

- CROSSINGS (http://crossings.bandcamp.com/)

Shouty emo from Lincoln/London/Southampton. One-off reunion show!

- JADED (http://jadeduk.bandcamp.com/)

New indie punk from Birmingham.

- COLLEGE (http://collegesux.bandcamp.com/album/wengsdays)

Kent indiemo made up of members in Hey, Joni.

- SOME SORT OF THREAT (http://somesortofthreat.bandcamp.com/)

Acoustic singsongs about life from Exeter’s Rory Matthews.

- MANUALS (http://manuals-are-a-band.bandcamp.com/)

Huge riffs and massive crashes from Leeds.




Plus stalls of zines, prints, records and more!

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